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Korea - USA Demo Day overview

The demo day is designed to introduce startups from the Daedeok region of Korea to funders, advisors, alliances and other supporters for the purpose of creating relationships and alliances to begin a successful launch of their businesses in the USA markets. There will also be time available for networking and one-on-one meetings for all involved.

Prior to presenting, the startups will be provided training and coaching for the final preparation and rehearsing of their investor pitch deck.

Presenting Companies

AlphaVet is high-quality pet food formulated by passionate veterinarians who wanted to a create a safe, organic and therapeutic-based alternative for dogs and cats. Our products include pet food for: Puppies, Junior Dogs, Adult Dogs, Kittens, Cats, Weight Care, Derma Care, Heart Care, Ear Care, Intensive Care.
GREENSOL develops products and materials in various industry fields using Surfactant-Free Nano Emulsion (SFNE) Technique. This SFNE Technique creates consistent particle dispersion for a uniform and even spray which can be used in various industries. Our first product and industry is Spray-on Foundation within the Beauty Industry.
Our company conducts research on human interface devices which will be integrated with upcoming top-notch technologies ranging from mobile devices, laptops, and tablet PCs to AR and VR. Mobiko (Previously known as Moky) is a multi-functional keyboard, our first product.
IntoCell is a Biotech Company dedicated to developing and commercializing novel conjugate platform technologies for anti-cancer drugs. Our novel conjugates include specific ligand(s) attached to a target receptor and active agents such as toxins, modulators, and detecting moieties, via a plasma-stable linker, that is site-specific & stoichiometric to a scaffold moiety.
Khantec, Inc. manufactures advanced regenerative air filter equipment, especially suited for restaurants. This newly developed technology is highly efficient, requires lower capital investment than technologies with comparable efficiencies and has very low maintenance costs.
RNS Labs mission is to save lives with low-energy gas sensor chips to quickly detect harmful gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde and Hydro-Sulfide. Our products include: On-Chip Carbon Dioxide Sensor with MEMS Technology. On-Chip Multi-Gas Sensors for Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide with MEMS Technology, On-Chip Multi-Gas Sensors for Carbon Dioxide and Hydro-Sulfide.
UVision is a leading manufacturer and developer of IP Surveillance Solutions such as wide angle (180 & 360 degree) IP cameras which completely eliminates any possible blind spots. Other products include: HD IP Cameras, Monitoring & Recording Software, Encoders for IP Broadcasting, Fire Prevention Cameras and Rear View 180-degree Camera for Vehicles.
Optella is a VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) and Silicon Photonics based optical connectivity solutions innovator that designs and brings to market optical engine for web 2.0 datacenter. The company founded in 2015 as spin-off from ETRI, and its HQ located in California and R&D center in Korea, respectively. Optella’s patented “low-cost packaging technology” based 40 Gigabit ‘Rainbow™ Engine’ is ready for demonstration.

Contact Information:

Your contact in the United States is Mr. Mike Miller of Wild Horse Labs, email:

Your contact in Korea is Ms. Soohee Yang of Daedeok Venture Partners LLC, email: